The Initiative


03-27-12 NASA Ames is hiring
02-16-12 11am PST, Cynthia Collins from RPI gave a virtual seminar.
02-02-12 Jared Toettcher from UCSF gave a talk at the synthetic biology seminar series.
12-14-11 NASA-Supported Student Team Wins at International Genetic Engineering Contest
8-18-11 James Carothers of UC Berkeley / JBEI spoke at NASA Ames
05-16-11 Craig Venter's Keynote Talk from our synthetic biology workshop is now on-line.
04-28-11 NASA Ames, job opening in synthetic biology.
11-19-10 Join our announcements mailing list
10-31-10 NASA Ames holds synthetic biology workshop

About the initiative
The synthetic biology initiative at NASA Ames is designed to harness biology in reliable, robust, engineered systems to support NASA’s exploration and science missions, to improve life on Earth, and to help shape NASA’s future. The initiative is also intended to contribute foundational tools to the synthetic biology community.

Biology on Earth readily demonstrates that life is an efficient user of resources around it, turning those resources into habitats, materials and forms that perform various functions. Synthetic biology in space represents a new challenge, the challenge of designing organisms to perform reliable functions that an astronaut may one day depend on. If the promise of an engineerable biology on Earth is within reach the initiative aims to develop applications for synthetic biology in space.

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